Diverse Women For Diversity: A Women And Biodiversity Festival

Recognizing women’s roles as primary land and resource managers is central to the success of any biodiversity policy.  Rural women, in particular, have an intense interaction with natural resources, given their heavy involvement in collecting and producing food, fuel, medicinal remedies and necessary raw materials. With knowledge passed down through many generations, women frequently acquire a profound understanding of their environment and of biodiversity in particular, yet their contributions to conservation go unrecognized.  Just as the impact of biodiversity loss is disproportionately felt by poorer communities, there are also disparities along gender lines.  Biodiversity loss affects access to education and gender equality by increasing the time spent by women and children in performing certain tasks like collecting valuable resources and services such as fuel, food and water. For the first time, IBC is organising a Women Biodiversity Congress, by bringing together the women, who are the custodians of biodiversity and involved in conservation and awareness at the grassroots. The Congress would also bring out a document on the role of women in biodiversity conservation in India. This programme will be organised at the Navdanya Farm, Dehradun. About 200 women from all over India will participate in the event.


Students, Research Scholars, Scientists, Farmers, Farmer Representatives, Social Activists, Community Representatives etc.